A Six-Week Gym Workout Routine To Get Lean

6-day gym workout schedule- How much can you change your breakup in just four weeks? Much more, as long as you follow this 16-session training plan. These chest and lumbar muscles are designed to be exercised twice a week, which means that the biceps and triceps also require a double workload so that these larger muscle groups can be relaxed. Push out of the area completely so that your body has no choice but to repair. Disadvantages make a bigger, stronger, and more determined body. You will also use all the other major muscles, including your legs, to increase your fat-burning capacity so that you grow faster and leaner.

How this program works

Every four weeks of this 6-day gym workout schedule, you will train your chest and back twice. Sounds too much? And! But on some levels, you hit every muscle group every seven days, which is not enough stimulus to force your body to make positive physical adjustments.

But in this project of 6 day gym workout schedule, doubling your chest and back exercises every week, and then working your biceps and triceps twice a week, once directly and once indirectly, will provide all the stimulation that your body needs. Needs to grow in less time. And don’t be afraid, your shoulders, abdomen, and legs will not lose their size and strength – they will have plenty of time each week to grow and become stronger.

Perform the exercise in sequence, according to the detailed exercises, sets, reps, time (described below) and rest periods. The first exercise of each week focuses on the pectorals and tripes, the second on the back and biceps, the third on the legs and chest, and the fourth on the back and shoulders.

The four weekly exercises consist of five movements, which you will perform as a series, then you will work with a sequence of just 1 to 5. Bus!


Rhythm To get the most out of exercise, you must follow a four-digit rhythm code for each exercise. The first digit indicates how long it takes to lose weight in seconds, the second how long it stops at the bottom of the movement, the third indicates how long it takes to lift weights and the last digit to stop at the top. It takes time in 6 day gym workout schedule . . X means that part of the movement must be performed explosively. Time accumulated under pressure increases the heart rate to burn fat and break down muscle tissue to make itself bigger and stronger. Keep every repetition smooth and under control so that your muscles do not move, work.

Diet Tips

Even if you follow every step of your training plan according to the letter, you will not see the desired results if you do not back up your gym workout with a healthy, balanced diet. The obvious first step in 6 day gym workout schedule is to cut down on fast food, takeaways and alcohol, followed by giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and supporting your exercise routine.

A good place to start with at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Even better in 6 day gym workout schedule, even if you keep two portions of fruit daily. You should also make sure you are getting 30 grams of fiber a day, in part because it will help you feel fuller. Choosing different types of whole carbohydrates will help on the fiber front whenever possible.

Proper amounts of protein are also important as they provide the fuel needed to repair and rebuild muscles after strenuous exercise. When you are regular, you should try to consume between 1.2 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. You can use protein powder to help yourself, but if you are eating the right thing, it is not difficult (and tastier) to get the amount of protein you need from food. This guide will be helpful for the best food sources, as it will reduce high protein foods for vegetarians and vegetarians. Make sure you also eat plenty of carbohydrates, otherwise, your muscles will be using protein as fuel for your session instead of using it to build muscle.

If all this seems like too much work other than going to the gym four times a week for 6 day gym workout schedule, another option is to use a healthy food delivery service. It will deliver food to your door according to your exact needs, so all you have to do is keep them in the microwave. It’s more expensive than planning meals and cooking yourself, but less expensive than the habit of delivery, and if you’re struggling to maintain a healthy diet, this is definitely to support this exercise plan. Is the cheapest way.

Warm Up

Before you start exercising, or any type of exercise below, it is important that you warm up the time properly. Before tackling any exercise in this project, we highly recommend that you try this quick gym warm-up routine with Yasmin Saadi, Director and Personal Trainer of The Fitting Rooms Gym.

This involves performing seven sets of movements, such as a dog jumping down and a lung rotation that warms the muscles throughout the body, then doing specific exercises for the type of exercise you are about to perform. The easiest way to do the latter is to scan the exercise below and then use a warm-up set or two very light dumbbells or an unloaded barbell for each exercise.

You will have the benefit of taking five to ten minutes to warm up properly in case of low risk of injury and better performance during exercise. Give it a try to 6 day gym workout schedule and you’ll never have to reassure yourself of the value of a proper warm-up once you’ve crushed your first set instead of wrestling with them.

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