A Sweaty Cardio Workout That Takes Just 10 Minutes

Ten minutes may not be enough time for a solid low-impact cardio workout, but our latest itself video proves otherwise. It’s a fast but intense bodyweight routine that moves your heart moves your muscles and releases endorphins.

Led by Justin and Taylor Norris, co-founders of the LIT Method, this exercise includes 10 different exercises that are performed with minimal rest and maximum effort, so you’ll breathe faster. You’ll also find low body strengthening diets, thanks to the exercises that target the core, glutes, and legs.

Oh, and did we mention that this exercise is less effective? Yes, there are no jumps or races in space, so the joints and ligaments can easily relax while the muscles and heart work hard.

If you need to be more convincing why this low-impact cardio is worth the effort: the latest version of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans removes the instructions for the duration of the “counting” session as an exercise. How do you determine if exercise for you at any given good time, as previously reported? These health benefits for exercise include lower blood pressure levels, better insulin sensitivity, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, and better sleep.

With that in mind, who’s ready to try the sweaty, low-impact cardio workout? All you need is a mat and a bottle of water. Follow the video below when you’re ready. Or, if you want to train at your own pace, keep scrolling for detailed exercise instructions and GIFs of each movement.

And always keep in mind: Just because this exercise is less effective doesn’t mean it is suitable for everyone. If you are injured or have just started exercising, consult your doctor before trying. Ready to get started? let’s go!

Training Instructions

Start with a dynamic warm-up. Do each exercise for 50 seconds. Do not rest between exercises.

Without stopping, keep exercising. Perform each exercise on time. If necessary, rest for 10-15 seconds between exercises. Otherwise, try not to take breaks.

After completing the exercise, rest for 20 seconds. Then finish for 60 seconds.

dynamic warm-upabove

  • Squat to reach thehead rangex 50 seconds
  • Modified jump jack x50 seconds


  • extender (right side) x 40 seconds with
  • foot tape reach x 40 seconds
  • extender (left side) x 40 seconds to
  • turn side ling For (left) side) x 30 seconds
  • toe tape x 15 seconds
  • toe tape squat withseconds to
  • x25turn side ling (right side) x 30 seconds to
  • turn side linge (to left) x 20 seconds
  • toe tape x 20second
  • second withfoot tape squat x 10
  • Rotate(right side) from lateral pulmonary x 30 second

Sweaty Cardio Workout


  • Ice Skater 60 second DIX


Squat head stretched with

  • hip width apart Stand with feet, heels on and closed torso weight .
  • Bring your hips back and bring yourself into a squat by bending both knees, allowing your knees to bend 90 degrees (if your movements allow). When you sit, keep your hands down to touch the ground (or touch the ground almost, if your flexibility allows).
  • When standing, return to the starting position and while standing, lift your left arm up and right up until you feel a slight pull to the left. Pause for a moment.
  • Return to starting position, then immediately dive into your next squat. While standing, lift your right arm up and your left arm up until you feel a slight pull to the right. Pause for a moment.
  • Return to starting position and continue this pattern, change sides and find a natural rhythm in your movement.


  • Jumping Jack Think of it as a no-jumping jack. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, your main occupation is, and place your hands on your hips.
  • Touch your left foot to one side and raise your hands above your head to clap.
  • Return your left foot to the hip distance position and bring your arms towards you so that you can return to the starting position.
  • Now kick your right foot to one side and raise your hands above your head to clap.
  • Bring your right foot back to the waist and bring your arms towards you so that you can return to the starting position.
  • Continue with this pattern alternately. After 10 seconds, pick up speed and hold it for the rest of the time.

Extender (repeat on all sides)

  • Stand with feet wider than hip width, left knee slightly bent, right leg straight and the back of the left leg about a foot in a one-foot position. Place your hands over your head and place your weight on your left foot so that you lean to the left.
  • From here, move your right knee forward and toward your chest as you touch the upper part of your knee. The left foot stays on the ground. Quickly bring your right foot back to the ground and raise your arms above your head. This is 1 representative.
  • Continue with the same side representatives and increase the speed for the last 20 seconds. Once you have done all the repetitions on one side, repeat on the other side.

Tap the toe with the toe.

  • Longer than a long standing distance, fingers slightly outward, core bent. This is the starting position.
  • Move your weight to the left, bend your left knee, and extend your right arm to the toe of your left foot. The right leg is straight and the left arm is naturally extended backwards.
  • Reverse the movement to return to the starting position, then repeat on the other side.
  • Continue with this pattern alternately. Increase speed in last 10 seconds.
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