A Top Trainer Ranked 16 Triceps Exercises From Worst to Best

Athenian-X founder Jeff Cavalier is back with another video from his recent popular series CSCS, in which he rates exercise from the worst to the best for specific body parts. You have previously ranked glute exercises, chest exercises, calf exercises, and abdominal exercises.

Next: Trips It breaks down 16 exercises from the least effective to the most effective, ranking them as worst, best, even better, almost best, and best. Movement is classified according to three criteria: the ability to overload, whether it affects muscle function in question, and whether it is safe.

We recommend that you take some notes and consider eliminating certain movements from your specific exercise routine.


Powerbomb DB Standing

“Not only does it put the shoulder joint at greater risk of injury because the internal rotation of the weight causes it to be in a position to move, but it does not give the tripod the best possible. Pulling, “says Cavalier. “You literally have to rotate the inner shoulder so that you can carry a dumbbell behind your head.

Lying Facial Extension

Although the move comes from Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, Cavalier is not a fan.

“The position of the arm during movement is the starting position for the Hawkins Kennedy Impact Test … too much internal rotation,” says Cavalier. There are easy ways to load. “

Bench Dips

” It’s just the fact that while the exercise can be done well, the hang is often bad, “says Cavalier.” When you put your hands on the bench. , As many of us (including many years ago), it puts your shoulder in a weak position. You take off every repetition (however, if you modify the way your hands turn outwards and your chest pulls back, you will find the external rotation you are looking for.) But the fact is that most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

also tells that called the movement a” circulating the cuff Reaper ‘. (Oops.)

“He” string of problems in physics became so efficient as traps exercise.” “On the muscle To put maximum force on the work you are doing, you need to maintain a line of a force standing on the arm. However, this movement forces the arm and the cable to a parallel position, which means that it does not have much resistance. Arm. Over the triceps in a state of contraction “It

moves away from the exercise of a sequence based on the triceps.remember


triceps some fundamental limitations with basic triceps curl of a curl of physics kykh “The tension is higher at the beginning of each rep, but it decreases as you get closer to the fully contracted triceps position at the bottom,” says Cavalier.

And this movement can also start to involve the chest. Elbows (stretched), the tension of the triceps will take away the position.

DiamantetaglioDiamond Letaglio

with”Properly Crisis Often Provides Dining Turning Stimulation (unless performed at the end of a stiff chest as a high repetitive metabolic exercise or as the exercise progresses)” says Cavalier. ۔

For many people, there is a lack of motivation if you can do too much of it.

“If you can do 30 or 40 diamond cut push-ups, or even 25, you’re not going to benefit enough,” says Cavalier. The long head will limit activation. Hand position can also be a problem for people with wrist movement problems.

Lizard push-ups LeCobra” Gives the ability to make a tougher version of the one whose heads are long engaged and they give you. We’re getting our arms tighter at the edges and taller than our torso. “

It also takes the chest out of balance, so exercise often affects the triceps. Also, hand placement is best for any wrist movement problem

Triceps Exercises

With the curl of the triceps and

it’s making, the reverse grip “Long head preparations for better reverse grip stimulation is a preferred option, even if you have to use as little weight as possible,” says Cavalier. “Every time we extend. we can say if we can get more ads. traps are hitting the Medical lateral head, so we strongly and extended its sides, the activation of the long head.


high rope extension “The extension of the high rope corrects the physical limit of the triceps thrust,” says Cavalier. In front of you, you have to aim somewhere in terms of your final position. We ended up standing on our arm with this bone.


Press”JM press (whose name can we better load that gives some momentum and move the arm in the name of JM Blakely) exercise. And a tight grip bench. ” says Cavalier.

But with that, if you move, they focus on your shoulders instead of your forehead, which allows your arm to float in space so that the handle meets the speed of the bar, which could allow you to increase a little weight.

“Cavaliere. you say you do not feel any pain in your elbow or wrist during the movement, simply switch to a dumbbell for a neutral hand position

function Improved triceps


Kicks “This move allows the triceps to reach a fully contracted state. Which means that all three heads (medial, lateral, and long) are so busy behind the elbow body,” says Cavaliere. ..

The power of the bomb

according to Cavaliere, is a winning move

. “The dumbbell does not do a single thing. When lowering, come close to hitting the back of your head or neck, and the elbow position is key. It… shoulder position. We are now rotating externally instead of internally, which makes a big difference, “

Swinging push-upsswinging push-ups.

with” Closer to the line of Rahmat that stands, “says Cavalier.” Let’s start standing on our arms, and when we bend back, we step back from the arms, which are with the arm. Maintains the same connection with the cable. Traditional push-ups become a little easier when the arms reach extension. Which is the right time you don’t want it to be easy? “

Vertical Dips

WeightThis is one of the best ways to overload your triceps, according to Cavalier.

” You want to keep your torso as erect and elongated as possible so that when you come down and stay in this important 90-degree position that protects your shoulders, you will basically move harder than your triceps.

“It’s a great exercise to hold the weight around the waist to keep the load coming.

Closed Grip Bench Press

Knight loves this move because of its overload options.

” Yes, the chest and shoulders definitely move. to contribute, but the closest hand position moves surely the ability to push them to the limit load and the triceps, “says Cavaliere.


Lying Triceps Extensions

exercise the triceps position The starting position allows us to recruit the long head of the triceps where the bench press is tight. It doesn’t work very well, “says Cavalier. And since we’ve ended up in the same position, the medial and lateral heads are still working hard. “

Emphasize that if you do this with an EZ bar or dumbbell set, you can reap the benefits of exercise without worrying about wrist strain.

Emily Schaefer Emily Schaefer Digital Men’s Health and Prevention Is a former producer of Web sites and is currently a freelance writer specializing in health, weight loss, and fitness.

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