A Top Trainer Shares a 10-Minute Biceps Workout That’s Worth Your Time

Jeremy Ether, a psychiatrist, fitness trainer, and founder of Bulletwood Science knows that for most men, going to the gym is the essence of time. Not everyone has two hours a day to lift weights. That’s why he shared 10 minutes of biceps exercise which he promises can help reduce your workout time by up to a third, provide smart training, instead of the set. And reduce reps or speed up your movement.

It does this by dividing its training into three different ways. You will have one minute between each method, so this will be done in just 10 minutes.

Method 1: Rest brake series

1 Total 20 repetition series; 2 minutes

“It’s just a long series,” Ether says.

For this part of the exercise, you will only do dumbbell curls.

“Start by finding a weight with which you can usually perform 6 to 8 reps. You will rep as much as possible while maintaining good form,” says Aether.

The key is to keep the elbow bent to the side and avoid bending the wrist too much. That way, you can separate your biceps.

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“Once the first set of rest is over and you can’t rap too much, you can lose weight, rest for just 20 seconds and then reset with the same weight. You can go back to. You want to. You can, “says Ether. “Keep repeating this process until you have completed a total of 20 reps.”

Biceps Workout

Method 2: Composed

Series 3 Series 8 to 12 repetitions 5 minutes

“Bicep exercises that can be performed back to back without rest, which is possible because it is made that the two heads of bicep have slightly different functions. We need two types, “says Ethier.

For this, you will be doing oblique curls with dumbbells and spider curls. To perform this composite set, start with an adjustable bench up to 30 degrees (usually the third or fourth mark on the bench).

“Choose a weight that you can usually wrap 10 to 12 times in a normal biceps curl and with a dumbbell in hand, lie on your stomach on the bench and your arms are hanging in front of you,” says Aether. ۔ “

The story goes on

. Try to repeat 8 to 12. The goal is good shape, which means you close your elbows in this position and then bend the weight without using your shoulders or back. Then, immediately after that, return to the bench using the same weight to get the spider curls.

“Keep your arms behind your body. Close your elbows and then lift the weight,” says Aether. “Once again, you will be in good shape and will get your tank on it with as many representatives as possible.”

Repeat for 2 more sets, with one-minute rest between sets.

Method 3: Drop setof drop

Total 5 sets; 1 minute

“This is where you do a lot of sets without resting, but lose weight after each set,” says Ether.

For this, you will be spinning like a hammer, which will hit one of the muscles of your arm called the bursaries.

“Once it’s big, it can help lift the biceps, which creates the illusion of a bigger bicep,” says Ether. “You can focus using curls where the hand is in a neutral position, like in a hammer curl.”

To implement this, start by looking for a weight with which you can initially do 15-20 reps. With this weight, perform a series of hammer push-ups until they are in good shape.

“A good way is to keep the elbow closed with minimal rotation,” says Ether. “Once you can’t rap anymore, move on to the next dumbbell set and do the second set until you fail.”

Repeat this for a total of 5 sets.

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