Be Prepared For The Orangetheory Infinity Workout With These Tips From A Trainer

Today, Orangetheory announced new technological advances, including a new heart rate monitor: OTbeat Burn, an improved mobile app, and proprietary equipment improvements to further enhance and personalize the member’s experience. Through this breakthrough technology, Orangetheory continues its mission by providing members with even better tools to capture data, measure their overall training results, and set new goals that will allow them to keep improving. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images for Orangetheory Fitness)

If you are preparing for Orangetheory’s DriTri, the twice-yearly workout that will test your strength, stamina and endurance, then you might want to try Orangetheory’s Infinity Workout. . Infinity Workout is basically a mini DriTri that prepares you for the biggest fitness challenge – DriTri is the weekend of September 18th, and Infinity Workout will take place in all studios across the country on September 3rd. Not sure what to expect. from an Infinity workout? POPSUGAR spoke to DeeDee Hillman, NSCA Certified Trainer and Digital Fitness Education Program Manager at Orangetheory Fitness headquarters, to get the scoop.

Infinity Workout

Hillman explained that Infinity Training is a three-part challenge. For the treadmill and rowing machine part, work to see how far you can go the distance (miles on the treadmill and meters on the rowing machine) in a given amount of time. For the floor part, you will perform the same six exercises that you will also perform on the DriTri, although Hillman has not revealed what those exact workouts will be; You will have to attend a training course to find out!

If you’re planning on completing the DriTri later this month, Hillman said the Infinity workout is great for getting an idea of ​​what to expect from the DriTri workout. While the DriTri is a major event in the Orangetheory community, Hillman said he views the Infinity workout more as a daytime workout, on par with the regular schedule Orangetheory normally does in their studios.

Infinity Workout

Tips From A Trainer

If you are feeling intimidated or nervous about the Infinity workout, especially if it’s your first time or you’re back in the gym after taking a break, Hillman Ha said don’t worry. “We cater to all levels of fitness,” he said. “We also like to say that everyone is an athlete … We always encourage everyone to come as they are.” All Orangetheory classes are led by certified instructors who can help you make changes to exercises as needed or answer any questions. If you are not a runner or runner, you can walk vigorously on the treadmill, keep pace on the rowing machine, and modify any exercise on the floor.

Hillman added that to prepare for the Infinity workout, make sure you’re properly hydrated before and after your workout, get a good night’s sleep, eat a carbohydrate-based protein meal, or snack first (if you don’t fast). workouts) and get ready with your favorite song or playlist to encourage you to exercise. At the end of the day, Infinity Workout should be a fun challenge to track your progress throughout the year and prepare for the biggest DriTri challenge. The studio coaches and other members will make you feel welcome, so don’t be afraid to see him on September 3rd!

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