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Chiropractor Dr. Cody Doyle’s Trophy Club Health, Fitness Summer Fitness – The Best Way to Walk / Run The easiest way to recover is to add a little jog or take a walk every week. Just 30 minutes of walking three times a week can improve your heart health and start regaining some muscle tone in your body.

Keep doing it and you will definitely burn some fat from your body. If you want to be fit, you don’t need a special place to start running. Put on your shoes, grab a water bottle and get out! However, many of us need encouragement to start walking or running. Nothing makes the time outside happier than the beautiful surroundings.

If you want to go back to nature, these walking and walking paths need to move your feet and satisfy your soul. Immerse yourself in a natural environment and your exercise will not feel like “work”. If you live in Trophy Club TX, you’ll find the following easy walking and walking routes for a mid-week or weekend getaway. 

1. Bob Jones Park – This public park offers family-friendly recreational and nature trails for hiking. Softball courts, restrooms, picnic tables, and shady playgrounds make it a popular destination, but the wild trail still offers some solitude. Unpaved sidewalks walk along the lakeshore. Duration of the tour: 10 minutes

2. John Burke Nature in the Strong Sam Houston Trail – If running is your thing, locals love this trail for its peaceful environment and safe routes. The best part is that the trophy is only 20 minutes away from the club. Take the dog for a half week walk and he will feel very far from the city. Tour duration: 20 minutes

3. Cedar Ridge Safe – This Adobe Nature Reserve offers a nine-mile hiking trail to a 600-acre mountain residence. This is a great place to see wildlife and wildflowers, who want deep forests and greenery. Time: 40 minutes.

Chiropractor Summer Fitness at Dr. Cody Doyle Trophy Club – Best / Walking

4. Clybourne State Park – This destination has rocky hills, a motorcycle trail, and a lake for fishing and boating. Duration of the tour: 1 hour 20 minutes

5. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose TX – If you have been to the Trophy Club or DFW area for a long time and have never been to Dinosaur Valley State Park (Glen Rose, TX), you They are losing a local treasure! This beautiful area is home to beautiful creek trails and all kinds of family fun. You can camp with your family, take a river trip, do tubing, or just enjoy the nature trails on your own.

Travel time: 1.5 hours of driving Did you know that about 30-40% of Americans are overweight? When you have extra fat on your body and you are not active, it can put extra pressure on your spinal cord, joints, and muscular system.

Strengthening your muscles and pumping your blood is a great way to help your body stay healthy and prevent joint degeneration. If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to stay active, a low-intensity activity like walking in nature can help reduce pressure on your joints and improve limb function.

Dr. Cody Doyle practices chiropractic and acupuncture and serves the Trophy Club, TX community. Learn more about treating a musculoskeletal medical condition with complementary therapies in dual chiropractic and acupuncture.

Club Summer Fitness

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