Photo Essay: Capturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment Couple Sitting on a bench While capturing the simplest things I have learned to appreciate my life as it is *right now,* instead of wishing for better days ahead. I’m so thankful for the way my camera offers me gentle reminders to slow down, and enjoy life’s moments as they happen.

Capturing Moments

Capturing Moments Most of us are too busy to think about stopping and looking around. We are constantly striving for more, and rarely take the time to enjoy what we have. Capturing Moments Is there a camera in your house that reminds you to stop and take in the world around you?

Why I Love Taking Photos

1. The act of taking pictures helps me slow down and appreciate the little things in life. 2. Because I can express my thoughts through photography. 3. To remind myself of how life used to be for me before motherhood. 4. Because I believe that, in this world full of distractions, every little thing is important. 5. When I can show that I have an interest in art outside of photography. 6. I can capture people through a camera. It helps me remember that people are much more than just the features that make them unique. 7. I can pass along the love for photography that I have, through sharing my photos with others. 8. I can showcase the beauty of the world around me to my family and friends. About the Photographer I’m 29 and live in northern California.

What Makes A Great Photo?

Any moment becomes unique and important when shared with others. Each photograph will tell a unique story to the viewer. Using my camera gives me a way to witness and document these individual moments. There are countless different kinds of photographers, but they all share a passion for creating something more than just a single image. Why do you think shooting with your phone isn’t better? You might think there are certain advantages to shooting with a DSLR or point and shoot, but I find the capabilities of the “average” phone far outpace those of a DSLR. Here are my reasons to shoot a phone instead: Longevity One phone takes less storage than most people think, and I can put thousands of photos on a card.


I have been using Canon 5D Mark III for about 10 months now and it has given me a lot of opportunities to learn from it. I found myself slowing down my shutter speed for night time photos, letting my camera sensor collect more light and resulting in more dynamic low-light images. In the absence of 4K recording I just couldn’t afford to set a shutter speed that fast. I am so pleased with the photos I have taken with the 5D Mark III and can recommend it to anyone, even if you have no intention of actually selling them to a magazine. It’s a great camera for all kinds of photographic needs! At the moment, I only have one Canon gear to test out, the 5D Mark III and EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM and Fisheye Lenses.

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