Dumbbell Pushups

Dumbbell Pushups: A Simple, Effective Workout

The Best Dumbbell Pushups For You in Just 6 Days Work Out Plan For You and A Simple Effective Workout

What is a Dumbbell Pushup?

Dumbbell pushups are essentially a one-arm pushup, where you start in the air. To do this move, you would place the dumbbell directly under your shoulder blades and then press yourself into the floor, and then return to the initial position. The key here is to focus on straight arms and then squeeze your shoulder blades together to make it easier to complete the movement. Doing this move correctly, however, will leave you feeling your biceps working, so it’s a great workout for the upper body. This move is great for performing curls, rows, and triceps extensions. For this reason, it should be included in almost any upper body weight training program. When performing a dumbbell pushup, you should keep a slight bend in your elbows.

Why do Dumbbell Pushups?

Dumbbell pushups are one of the most effective workouts and muscle builder options to choose. They help you to strengthen your upper body and make it more muscular, resulting in great performance in the gym. Dumbbell pushups have the perfect combination of exercises to give you a workout that will keep you fit and gain muscle in the long run. Benefits of Dumbbell Pushups The long-term benefits of dumbbell pushups will help you to build muscle and gain mass. These benefits will help you to improve your performance in the gym and help you to become a better athlete overall. This is the perfect workout for the first-time gym-goer as it helps to improve the coordination of the arms. The workout can help you to increase your upper-body strength.

How to do a Dumbbell Pushup

Perform 20 reps of dumbbell pushups, hold your arms straight and get ready to press up with straight arms. Lower the dumbbells and repeat the entire movement. Do not increase the weight of the dumbbells and do not cheat by lowering your body during the movement. Benefits of Dumbbell Pushups Strengthens the chest, shoulders, and arms Achieve perfect form by squeezing the core Improve strength and endurance Stronger and more toned chest and triceps muscles Should be done regularly for strengthening your upper body Maximize your biceps Minimize the risk of injuries while performing exercises like dumbbell pushups Dumbbell Pushups – A Very Effective Workout Plan For A Rebalanced Body If you need a very effective workout plan, you can always go for dumbbell pushups.

The Right Way to Use Dumbbells for a Better Exercise

The best exercise to enhance the biceps? What about the best arm workout for your biceps? Are you looking to lose weight? The truth is, everyone can achieve a ripped body. The only question is, how to reach that goal? Let’s answer the question now. The Best Dumbbell Pushups For You in Just 6 Days Work Out Plan For You and A Simple Effective Workout If you want to add a few pounds of muscle to your arms, the answer is not “dieting”. When people have muscle definition, they look more muscular and bulky. That means their arms look thick and muscular. But that’s not the only way to get a ripped upper body. There are different ways to add muscle and tone your upper body. As I’ve mentioned before, people achieve muscle definition in the workout. But you don’t need to go heavy. Why?

Dumbbell Pushups Benefits

Pushups work out your entire upper body Pushups make your core stronger Pushups help strengthen your chest and triceps Pushups are an effective way to improve your grip strength Pushups provide a long-term challenge for your muscles and you’ll get better at it the more you practice Pushups have improved my core strength and have strengthened my shoulders Pushups can be done by anyone, from a newbie to an advanced athlete Pushups are a great addition to your workout and can be performed at any age and any fitness level Pushups are a great all around workout. They’re easy to perform, improve your balance, increase your core strength and improve your grip Learn How To Do Dumbbell Pushups In 6 Days With This Perfect Workout Plan For You!


This video is the six days work out program for you. Use this program to hit your abs, upper back, shoulders, and arms, specifically your triceps. I know you want to start doing dumbbell pushups in just a week. Do that too. You don’t need to be an Olympic-level weightlifter to do this work out. Find out how you can follow this series of free work outs to build a six-pack without having to lift weights at all.

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