Fitness First: 15 Best Cardio Exercises To Mix Into Your Home Workout

We asked certified trainers what are the best cardio exercises for home exercise and that’s what they said.

Unless you own a pilot motorcycle, enjoy walking on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, or have access to a friend’s elliptical or treadmill, the usual cardio workout can be difficult without exercise. And it makes it especially easy to install a back burner.

But with a dozen simple tricks, you can start an exciting workout without investing in heavy equipment or sweating, or leave the comfort of your home gym (aka living room). Here, certified instructors show you the best cardio exercises to incorporate into your lifestyle, along with the health benefits of cardio that will persuade you to do it in the first place.

Key Benefits of Cardio Training Cardio training

(also called cardio) includes exercises that help stimulate and strengthen the heart and lungs, says Melissa Kender, ACE Certified Trainer, Functional Training Specialist, and Tone, and Sculpt Trainer. Are “They boost your energy system, increase your heart rate, pump your blood, and make the circulatory system more efficient for delivering oxygen to the muscles of the lungs and heart,” he says. Helps to work in a way. ” “This, in turn, will allow you to get better and work harder without losing your breath or getting tired.” And this benefit applies inside and outside the gym, Kender says. By incorporating regular cardio training into your fitness regimen, you won’t need to take long breaths in the middle of a basketball game, after climbing stairs, or while driving and carrying groceries. At your house, he says.

There is also a mental benefit to doing cardio, thanks to the endorphin rush you get after completing it (think: “Runner High” that you feel after 5K), Daniel Wilson, NASM Certified Trainer, HIIT Master Add trainers. “You’re creating something that’s not easy and you don’t necessarily want to do it, so there’s a sense of accomplishment that gives you that natural effect and energy,” says Coach.

How often should you exercise your heart?

To take full advantage of the health benefits of cardio, both the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of both each week. Do A simple but effective way to measure the intensity of your training is a communication test, says Kender. “During moderate-intensity cardio, you will be able to talk, but you will not sing,” he says. “Palpitations of the heart and is breathing better, but not so much that you are completely out of breath. During this exciting state, he will speak only a few words at a time, if at all.”

FTR If you don’t mind, you don’t need to do a HIIT breathing workout. “What you like and what you can achieve and how you can fit it into your schedule during the week Kendter explains. If you want to take cardio just instead of taking a walk around the block walk in the pool of the quick section or go for a walk to the gym from home, it’s NBD, Kendter, and Wilson agree.

Cardio Exercises

To get your daily dose of cardio at home, create a 20 to a 30-minute circuit with some of the following movements, which Kender and Wilson recommend as the best cardiovascular exercises. ۔ A set of rope jumps, roll weights, and dumbbells.

You can get started. You don’t feel like your lungs are pumping and your cardiovascular system is working at the best strength cardio exercises, but “Whenever you push resistance fast, I would say that your heart rate will increase further. Wilson says. Of course, form is also important, so don’t throw the kettlebell in the air without thinking about speed. Instead, shorten the rest of the time to maintain the intensity. note.

Although the credit for these actions is the best cardiovascular exercise is considered, but the lungs and as a far more difficult. for example, the heart, “in addition to increasing the speed askytrz heartbeat to the other benefits,” Wilson says, “They increase low body strength, lateral strength ,and lateral strength, while climbers also help you do basic tasks.” is forced to work in harmony, and the cattle Bell swings less horizontal movement which produces power.

How it works: there are a few ways to work the best cardio exercises of your choice You can choose, then do each of the 15 cardio exercises below for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. (If you can’t do your best during your work period, try to work 20 seconds and rest for 40 seconds instead.) Cycle them again for 30 minutes of exercise.

All you will need: a jump rope, a kettlebell, and a set of light to medium weight dumbbells, depending on the best cardio exercises you want to incorporate into your circuit.

Jump Squat

A Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, arms folded in front of your chest, and bring yourself into a squat position.

B. Press up explosively, jump as high as you can. Make sure you are driving with your heels, not your toes. On landing, immediately duck. Repeat

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