Belly fat or to be more specific the abdominal obesity is the thing that most of us are facing and struggling with and no matter how much we eager to lose it mostly of us are not able to do so and it happened because we are not having proper due knowledge about how we gained this much of fat and the right way to get rid of it.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss about Belly Fat and How one can reduce it by doing some changes in the lifestyle and by adapting some exercises in daily routine.

Belly fat make us look more kind of less presentable and less confident and also it is seriously harmful for our health as more fat we are having invites more possibilities of getting trapped by a serious disease

Losing fat from a targeted area is very difficult specially from belly region but if one is determined and most importantly consistent then he or she can definitely achieve the desired result.

Before telling the ways to reduce the belly fat its very important to discuss the aspect of golden rule of IAR that is Introspect Accept and React

  • Acceptance and Deliverance

The very first thing I would like to start with is by telling you to accept that you have gained some unhealthy amount of belly fat and you really want to do something about it because almost all of us know that we are having pounds of fat but very reluctant to do anything about it and whenever someone taunts about it we feel ashamed and decide to do something watch inspiring videos read articles but somehow lost touch and again get back to sit idle and doing nothing. So, we need to Introspect Accept and finally React

Now let’s start as we are finally committed

Here are some effective tips and exercise to lose that bloody belly fat.

  1. Eat Diet rich in Fiber

Eating Soluble fiber is recommended as it is easy to digest and also gives your tummy a feeling of fulfillment. It also lowers the intake of calorie which is the major reason behind gaining body fat as we intake too much and burn less.

Food rich in Soluble Fiber :

  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Kidney Bean
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Apricot
  • Pear
  • Abstain Sugar

If you’re carrying a belly fat you must be a foodie and a lover of sugary food and you should start avoiding intake of these sugary food slowly not too quickly.

Many studies have found a deep link between excessive sugar consumption and increased belly fat. One thing also needs to be added is that there is a belief that if we eat honey in replacement of sugar then it is totally fine which is not the complete truth as Healthier sugar should also be taken in a restricted manner. Start making habit, take one step a time. Slow and steadily, you will win the race.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol, if possible must be a total no as it is widely belief that alcohol can give an amount of benefit to your body but one thing which is not just a belief but a widely accepted fact is that Alcohol is severely harmful for your body,

Scientific studies have resulted that taking too much of alcohol can gain you belly fat in fact most of the person who are having belly fat are a regular consumer of drinking alcohol.

2 to 3 drinks of alcohol are having almost 400 calories which is way too much. Alcohol not only increases the belly fat but also increase the chances of Fatty Liver (Alcoholic Fatty Liver), You must have heard of this term before.

  • Maintain a Stress-Free Lifestyle

In today’s era of living a high-profile life and of coping with the pace of advancement one can experience stress which is normal but when it reaches the peak it become a disaster for your overall body and to tell you more specifically to our topic, many researchers have found that Stress can become a major culprit in gaining belly fat as Stress causes the adrenal glands to generate cortisol, often known as the stress hormone, which causes you to accumulate belly fat. High cortisol levels have been shown to stimulate hunger and promote belly fat storage in studies.

Engage in joyful activities that decrease tension to aid in the reduction of belly fat. Yoga and meditation are both effective strategies one can do

  • Eat a Low Carb Diet

Intake of carb consumption must be at least as it can magnificently help you lose weight, especially abdominal fat.

People who are overweight, must be aware of this that in a period of time they will be at grade of getting type 2 diabetes.

It’s nothing like that it is impossible to achieve a low-carb diet you just need to examine and track the amount of carb in your diet and this will help you to lose weight. According to several studies, merely substituting unprocessed starchy carbohydrates for refined carbs can enhance metabolic health and decrease belly fat.

Food consisting low carbs:

Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Nuts/Seeds Cucumber Eggplant Almonds Green Beans Almond Butter Lemons Brazil Nuts Lettuce Peanuts Limes Peanut Butter Mushrooms Pecans Onions Pumpkin seeds Olives etc.

  • Increase your Water Intake

Let me start by asking you a basic question: how many glasses of water do you consume every day? Most of you will state you don’t drink much water, and if you’re being precise, it’ll be about 2 to 3 glasses each day.

We should boost our regular water consumption since studies show that 1–2 litres of water per day might help with weight reduction, especially if eaten before meals. Water can be really beneficial in the weight-loss process. It is calorie-free, aids in calorie burning, and may even reduce your appetite if taken before meals.

Benefits of drinking water

  • Drinking water will improve your digestion
  • It will help your body to remove toxins
  • It will help you to burn calories
  • It will boost your metabolic rate
  • It will make you feel satisfied
  • Some Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat
  • Abdominal crunches

Lie flat on the ground, knees bent and hips aside.

With your elbows open wide, place your hands behind your head.

Take a deep breath and elevate your torso, including your shoulders, while holding your head back without pushing on your neck, using your core muscles (upper and lower abdominal muscles).

Start by doing 10-15 repetitions and start increasing the rep once you get used to it

  • Bicycle Exercise

Lie down on the mat or the floor with your hands behind your head or by your sides, as if you were doing crunches.

Raise both of your legs off the ground and bend your knees.

While maintaining the left leg down, bring the right knee near to the chest.

Bring the right leg to the ground and the left leg to the chest.

Alternate bending your knees like you’re riding a bike.

  • Plank

This is my personal favorite as this single exercise will make you feel so much exhausted that after doing you will for sure feel like losing some inch.

Place your elbows beneath your shoulders and roll over to your front.

Lift your complete body parallel to the floor by flexing your feet and lifting your entire body.

Hold the position for 60 seconds (every second will seem like a decade)

Work your way up to 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes as long as you can

  • Aerobics

Aerobics is a type of physical activity that mixes rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training exercises in order to improve all aspects of fitness. It is normally done to music and in a group, setting directed by an instructor, but it can also be done solo and without musical accompaniment. It is such a fun-loving joyful activity which not only helps you to reduce your belly fat but also makes your mind and soul feel so happy and energetically calm

The Risks of Excess of Belly Fat

As I told you all earlier that Excess of belly fat is not good at all and it can lead to many dangerous underlying disease which can sometimes become irreversible and impose a deep impact on our health

Excessive fat deposition in belly can lead to several diseases like

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Blood pressure is too high
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer of the colon
  • Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia

One cannot get rid of the belly fast overnight but he/she is consistent in making efforts without fail one day later or sooner will achieve the desired results. The greatest way to lose belly fat is to stick to a long-term strategy. Following the preceding advice, on the other hand, will help you get closer to your fat-loss goals. However, it is recommended to consult with a professional before beginning your journey.

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