The best back exercises for women

Take care of your back and she will take care of you. Here are the best exercises for women. This is a mantra that we should all pay attention to because we often do not consider our back until an injury occurs. Taking care of your back means that you pay as much attention to other parts of the body in the gym, and for that, you will need first-level back exercise.

You’ll find six below, courtesy of Coach Lisa Lance Ford, Jonam from sexy Lisa Fit, and founder of the strength and fitness app (available on the App Store and Google Play).

As a coach over the last 10 years, experience has taught me that the best results come from movement and routines, including Bar” yes,” says Lange Ford. “In addition to being an iron as an option, compound movements should be the basis of your training if you are looking to gain strength and muscle building.”

The T-bar

row “targets a wide range of posterior muscles, including the trapezius, lats, and posterior deltoids,” Lansford said. “This is a great exercise to increase back thickness and strength.”

Load one end of the bar and secure the other end (try to put it in one corner to secure the baseboard and floor with a towel) so you can safely lift the end with the weight. Stand with your back to the fixed end with your legs on either side of the bar. Keeping your back flat, lean forward on your hips and hold the bar with both hands. Bring your elbows behind your torso and line up with the weighted end towards your chest. Place your shoulder blade at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the bar.

Rack Bridge

“You can recognize this move as the upper part of the deadlift,” says Lansford. “It targets the lower and upper back, the nerves, and the spine, making it a complete back-up exercise.”

You will need a rack to exercise and it should be set up so that you can rest once or just above the knee. Hold your hips to keep your back straight and fall and grab the bar with an overhead grip. Lift weights with your hips forward and your knees straight.


“If you’re looking for an exercise to work the back chain, all the muscles in the back of the body, this is it!” “Deadlift is a compound exercise that involves several muscle groups, including the legs,” says Lansford.

Stand on the floor in front of you with your legs together. Grab your hips and reach for the bar with the upper grip. Keeping your back straight, bring your hips forward and lift the bar to your thighs.


dumbbell Lance Ford says “this exercise should be an important thing if you want to make a sculptural room.” “Even if it’s centered on the laths, you can still bend the whole back while moving.”

Stand sideways on a bench and rest your nearest leg on the bench, with your nearest hand supporting the farthest from the bench. Lean forward so that your back is parallel to the floor. Hold a dumbbell with your free hand and pull it towards your chest, focusing on lifting it with your back and shoulder muscles instead of your arm. Lower the handle with control. Set aside all repetitions and then switch.


oblique “Simultaneous strength and thickness development with this compound exercise,” says Lunceford.

Hold a bell in a grip over the thigh. Bend your hips forward, bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight. Raise your elbows above your torso to bring the bar to your chest, then slowly lower it again.

an arm pull-down

“Complete your compound movement with this isolated workout,” says Lance Ford,

Stand in front of a cable machine that holds the handle forward. Pull it towards your thighs, keep your arms straight at all times. This will help you to use your back muscles instead of your arms.

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