Everyman wants to succeed in life but few are able to achieve
it at least to their nlete satisfaction. People who fail are in the habit of
blaming their failures to bad k to unfavourable condition. over defeat and
short comming. But actually our failures luck are re mostly due to personal
defects and seldom to external circumstance. Self confidence is the secret of
success we must have confidence to achieve victory over all obstacles whether
they lie within us or outside us. the Timid man who has no confidence in
himself can never hope to be successful in life. Another quality that goes hand
in hand with self confidence is the will power, we wil1 find the way to do a
thing we must gather together all our power physical and mental, and bring them
to bare on the performance of our work. If the willpower is weak and uncertain,
a man can never apply all his objects. This is the reason why so many men fail.
We must know how to choose our vocation according to our taste and temperament.
We must have pleasure in our work. After failure in life came through mistaken
choice of life’s vocation. In all things success depends upon the previous
preparation and without this preparation it is sure to be failed. If we are
able to choose www. our career according to our natural inclinations, If we
can prepare ourselves for our life’s vocation with proper care and Cautions, the
chance of success is greatly increased.Another important quality is to know and
seize an opportunity when it comes in our way. If me let the opportunity to
pass by Uner may not come for years. Here we need intelligence t0 take the
opportunity and inn to tum it to positive account. Man is the architect of his
own destiny. Therefore, if Want to succeed in life going beyond the things which
makes us to lose self confince and destroy our self reliance. Lonf fellow
said,” The talent of success is nothing Ore than doing what you can do

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