If’ sublime’ can be equated with
a condition of being moved to a level transcendence abeyance everything of this
world for a moment in that ‘other’ world of pleasure created by some work of art,
then undoubtedly VILLAGE ROCKSTARS is one such creation. Because havino I film
VILLAGE ROCKSTARS such feeling of sublimity envelops my entire existence
exerting an inh, ng nd e by its had filled me with ecstasy. The magnificent
experience of this film exalted and even elevated me upon me touching my heart
and soul in a way which is beyond expression. The film was overwhelmin aspects
extraordinary uniqueness of natural thythm expressed throughout in varied
themes and other technical aon. Ity Its true-to-life representation of human
situation can stir human heart to an extant ofevasion from real pouring out
completely into this work ofart VILLAGE ROCKSTARS, an Assamese film directed
and written by Rima Das is an extraordinary effort to materialize the common sequences
of village life in a heart-touching manner. The setting of the film is
Chaygaon, a remote village in Lower Assam. The story of the film basically deals
with the poignant ale of struggle, survival and indomitable spirit of Dhunu, a
ten-year-old girl and her mother whole against all odds. The story is
embellished by the dream and desire of this little female protagonist extended
to her friends like Boluand village all in creating a “band’ working with
all spirit and musical enthusiasm,even making some mock instruments like
guitar, drum etc in their entropy to quench their thirst, but still Thus iving
with their dreams the plot of this film progresses with some life-like
characters who present struggles and desires their natural through acting.
Concentrated on the characterof Dhunu, the film assumed an natural unparalleled
glamour through simplicity and manof soil. Here in this precise expression, it
is endeavored to me, stiming jot down a few lines on the issues that fascinated
my emotion to the deepest withits touchingly fabulous presentation of
depravity, devastation and eam of a handfiul of villagers and their children.
Through a host of simple character, the filmiluminaties san vital aspects
ofhuman life, some complex psychological issues of pertinent importance with
universal Thus, appea the significance of the film though lies fundamentally on
the ‘presentation’ part, yet the thematic enhances concem the beauty of the
whole film remaining as the skeleton or as an integral part to the film.
intensity, pertinence and relevance Partcuan of the themes and issues give
momentum to the film. First and foreies poverty and struggle for survival are
strikingly prominent in that village which is visibly seen in the and
situation. But exuberance of nature charat itself appears in a grand, eloquent
manner. Man and nature 1otu and organic whole, sometimes nature appears in dark
mechanical strength and design devastating everything. Thus poor mat rich
mental strength with spirit, perennial entropy of basic needs for surv and
oical endurance-the these constitute the basic paradox of the film. These
thematic concens also make the film SIgnuhcant Mor Mareover, other issues like
dream, ambition, innocence, determination, will power, indomitable uality fmale
and female expressed particularly in the attitude of Dhunu and her mother make
the film Assame and cdching fetu beetle nuts for the village folk and treasured
in a bamboo post. She loses her goat, Munnu, a ini, equality ofm uniqu esides
the technical aspect. The meticulous and lively depiction of traditional and
poverty-stricken village society makes the presentation more natural and true
to life-Dhunu carns by climbing trees polential barter for a real
guitar-stillshe dreams. Flood devastated the paddy fields that her mother, a single
parent, t. had c had culivated tirelessly; she attains puberty which throws to
them the compulsory induction into hood that entails feeding the entire
village, observing rituals and customs. These events take place only after dhr
she drops the idea of purchasing a guitar, by forfeiting all her ‘wealth’ to
her mother. Thus, in the film we see a TESolute and determined mother like that
of sacrificial and responsible daughter in the portrayal of Dhunu’s mother and
Dhunu. The way an illiterate single mother desires to fulfill her daughter’s
dreams though she herselfis paralyzed by poverty and depravity deserves special
attention and appreciation. This exemplary nosi­ve atitude conveys that no
impediment can stop people from dreaming and marching ahead. The film resonates
and reverberates in our heart a music buried long in the abyss of darkness to
iradiate life with a sublime touch! (Note of the Author: This write up is a
depiction of an experience of a layman, so devoid of touching the technical
side of a film or any other necessary part of evaluating a cinema. Thus it is
simply a projection of the visibility of a semi-transparent world of feelings
captured by my impoverish words having enjoyed this creation.)

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