Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips, you should follow daily.

  1.  Drinking Water – A human body needs almost 4 liters or 16 to 20 cups, drinking water in a day. The amount of water human body need is different for both men and women. Certain major activities in the human body require water for their functions. The exact amount of water needed is different for each person, as it depends on how a person lives his lifestyle. Everyone must change their daily drinking water quantity in accordance with their daily work, the environment in which they live, their health conditions, their pregnancy, etc.  Lack of drinking water causes many problems for the human body, so it is necessary for everyone to drink a good amount of water a day. 
  2. Proper Exercises – For a fit and hygienic body daily exercises are necessary. The exercises also help you to remain strong mentally. For heart fitness, overweight, proper digestion, refreshment of mind, and proper functions of internal organs walking is the best exercise. Exercise increases the metabolism, burns more fat and takes less time to complete. Walking normally two miles a day recommended for a human body. Other exercises such as strength training, jumping and swimming etc make the body function correctly.
  3. Use of Balanced Diet – The basic need for the functions of human body is food. The human body needs a specific amount of different ingredients to function the way it does, it is recommended to use such a diet, which contains all suitable ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and iron. The foods which contain the most quantity of diet, which a human body needed, are Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, pulses and food containing carbohydrates. We must take these foods in a proper amount.
  4. Proper Sleeping – Proper sleep is the most important thing for a bodily fit and absence of it causes many health issues. So, we must take proper sleep every day. There is different sleeping time for different ages. For the child the minimum time is 8 hours for a young minimum of 7 and for the elders minimum 6 hours of sleeping needed. As compare to normal ladies pregnant ladies needs more times for sleeping. Sleep disturbances may also cause physical disturbances.
  5. Taking Rest – All Human body organs need rest for a proper health. Overworking effect our both physical and mental health. It causes lose health and some disorder. Continuous labor and lack of rest is bad for a healthy body. There is no particular time to rest, but when we rest for a while our body feels fresh and comfortable. It is also recommended for ladies and in particular for pregnant women takes as much rest as possible because they needed it more than a regular person.
  6. Entertaining Activities – The human brain and body require aesthetic activity for a while for a good job. It makes the human mind work correctly which is the control center of the entire body. If you have a healthy and functional mind, you may have a healthy body and the human body requires such activities that refresh your mind. For this activity, visit of a place of pleasure, meeting of friends, visit of clubs and theaters is proposed.
  7. Participating in Sports – Playing games is also a way to make healthy bodies. Interior and exterior plays are good for physical and mental health. In particular for women, who are less involved in sports activities compared to men, it is recommended to take part in sports activities. Indoor games such as chess snooker and maps can boost your mental capacity. Outdoor games cover a large area depending on your interest and physics are also required.
  8. Cleanliness – Cleanliness belongs to the moral values of most civilizations and world religions. It brings peace to our body and spirit. Water is the most commonly used agent for cleanliness that has unbelievable positive effects on the mind and human body. Cleanliness saves you from many disease outbreaks and makes your body cool. Cleanliness has nothing to do with hygiene, but in food, it saves you much trouble. 
  9. Apt Dressing – Wearing comfortable dress help you work properly and without any barrier. So we choose a proper dress according to different works. Clean dress is also important for our good health. Sometimes a very tight bandage can make the body uncomfortable and disrupt your health as well as your job. 
  10. Following a schedule – Something can only be useful and beneficial if they are performed at their proper time and  access can not disturb others or they must be given their necessary time. Food, exercise, sleep, rest and sports if performed at their right time, they will be effective and beneficial to the body otherwise their irregular practice may be futile. It is therefore recommended that an appropriate timetable be followed. 
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