Weight Loss: Burn All The Body Fat With This Intense Exercise Routine

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Are you people struggling to get rid of excess body fat? If so, here’s a solution. Excess fat can be burned through a combination of moderate and intense exercise. But Yasmeen Karachiwala showed us how to do everything at home with just freehand exercises. As part of her “7 Days, 7 Different Exercises, 7 Different Body Parts” Instagram video series, Yasmin discussed the topic of fat burning and did five different exercises to follow each day of the week. And on the fourth day, he insists that his fans raise the bar and break it from 1000 delegates.

Freehand exercises target different parts of the body and help you lose excess fat over time. Yasmin’s mantra for burning fat is short, simple, and sensible: “Burn. Destroy sweat.”

In the video, she shares her own pieces as she performs these five exercise routines. Check:

1. Front Cross Jack Rise. (30 seconds)

2. Drop squat Alt touch floor (30 seconds)

3. Power sprint (30 seconds)

4. Split lane to drop squat (30 seconds)

5. Kick + double pogo jump (30 seconds)

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Yasmin also suggested what to do and what not to do to get the most out of the latest set of fat-burning exercises. should do.

Weight Loss

What to do:

  • Drink eight glasses of water Adddrink
  • a handful of nuts to your diet
  • fruits
  • 2 servings of2 servings of vegetables
  • Exercise every day
  • 7 to 8 hours No sleep

Yasmin told her followers to alcohol, soda, and Reduce red from the diet with meat, pasta, and sugar, to keep the body fit and let fat-burning exercises healthily affect the body.

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body, especially during epidemics, after staying at home, most of us have gained extra fat. Looks like it’s time to get in shape. Today is the day you start these exercise routines and start the journey to be healthier, healthier and healthier.

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